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Two California Doctors Issue MAJOR Warning About “Shelter in Place” Orders

Sara Middleton via NaturalHealth365 – Is it finally time for Americans to get back to work?  Two doctors from California certainly seem to think so. In a new and recently banned YouTube video, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi share their professional opinions regarding California’s COVID-19 stay-at-home (“shelter in place”) orders.

The pair of doctors, along with many other concerned citizens, believe that maintaining shelter-in-place policies for too long, and without a sensible plan for reopening the economy, will have shocking consequences that go well beyond hurting Americans’ livelihoods.

West Coast Physicians Warn: Stay-at-Home Orders Could Actually Harm Our Health by Weaken Immunity

In an April 22 interview with a local Californian news station, Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, CA state that based on their data – which includes over 5,200 patients tested for COVID-19, or more than half of all the testing in their county), the chances of dying of COVID-19 in their community is less than one percent (about 0.03 percent, according to Dr. Erickson).

As a comparison, the seasonal flu has a reported fatality rate of 0.1 percent.  Meanwhile, the tentative fatality rate for COVID-19 overall seems to hover somewhere around 3 to 6 percent – yet a Columbia University study suggests that due to underreporting of total cases, the actual fatality rate could be closer to 0.6 percent.

Clearly, it’s difficult to know what the true fatality rate of COVID-19 is right now, simply because this is an actively ongoing pandemic. Plus, different communities are affected in different ways (due to factors like population age, comorbid conditions, etc).

Still, Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massih deeply question the strict “shelter-in-place” orders for Californians, and strongly suspect that the virus simply isn’t as deadly as some officials would have us believe (and therefore not a justifiable reason to literally shut down the economy). They further contend that California’s extreme, no-end-in-sight COVID-19 policy could cause more harm than good.

Here’s why: As Dr. Erickson notes, one of the key ways people build strong immune systems is by being exposed to bacteria and other organisms in their environment. Without a reasonable amount of exposure – which we all experience in a normal day of being out and about in the world – then the immune system doesn’t get the “challenge” it needs to grow and strengthen. This is exactly why children raised in stringently-clean homes often have weaker immune systems and experience more allergies, common colds, infections, and so on.

It’s a basic tenent of microbiology and immunology – and it might be forced onto unsuspecting Californian residents.

Said another way: California’s strict COVID-19 policies could very well make people even MORE susceptible to infections and illnesses once the orders are finally lifted and people go back out into the community – after having spent who knows how long sheltered in place, out of the sun, and away from normal microorganisms in their environment.

Let’s also not forget that many people are fearing a new phenomenon: “quarantine fatigue.” People are emotionally and mentally taxed by strict social distancing policies (and starved of access to nature and human interaction), and therefore may start to take unnecessary chances – for instance, by being too lax with hand hygiene, not practicing healthy lifestyle habits, and the like – all of which can even further harm immunity.
Why Does the Media NOT Want Citizens to Know This? Doctors Censored Over Questioning of California Stay-at-Home Policy

According to sources, the interview with Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi was deleted off YouTube after it accumulated about 5 million views. What’s the real reason these doctors are being censored?

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki recently announced in an interview that the platform will ban “anything that goes against” the current COVID-19 recommendations from the World Health Organization. In the late April interview with CNN, Wojcicki used frighteningly vague terms to describe YouTube’s new platform policies, including “removing information that is problematic” and removing “anything that is medically unsubstantiated” from the site.

But keep in mind: these doctors aren’t espousing some highly questionable treatment or claiming to have found a “cure” for COVID-19. They are simply questioning government policies, based on their professional clinical opinions and direct experience with the infectious disease.

Yet suddenly, according to YouTube, expressing this type of criticism isn’t allowed?

Let’s not allow these voices of reason and concern to go unheard. Let’s make sure we all can make informed decisions based on the most information we can gather for ourselves. Let’s not let media censor ideas that challenge the status quo…which these days is starting to look quite a lot like governmental infringement on our basic rights.

And in the meantime, please do what you can to boost your and your family’s immune health.

This article has been modified. To read the original article and watch the video click here.

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