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Research Reveals Additional Risk Factor to COVID-19 Fatalities

Lori Clarkson via NaturalHealth365 – As we lift lockdown orders and attempt to keep “social distancing,” it’s time for government health agencies (and the media) to clarify for the public what lifestyle-related actions are needed to move our society away from a constant state of fear.

Another source – in a string of research – is proving that COVID-19 susceptibility is largely due to lifestyle-based factors.  For example, new research out of Russia has proven that an immune-boosting antioxidant is a key ingredient in COVID-19 susceptibility.  Early research has discovered that low levels of the body’s most powerful antioxidant, glutathione, are extremely prevalent in serious and fatal cases of the novel coronavirus.

To be clear: the link between glutathione levels and the COVID-19 mortality risk factors is undeniable.

Dr. Alexey Polonikov’s Research Links Life-Threatening COVID-19 Cases to a Glutathione Deficiency

Serious COVID-19 cases involve an immense amount of respiratory oxidative stress causing hyper-inflammation to the lungs where antioxidants are necessary for recovery. This research reveals that poor antioxidant response is closely linked to the increased oxidative stress on the lungs, resulting in acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Many patients infected with COVID-19 suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome, have undergone multiple organ failure and premature death. According to this new breaking research, this chain effect can be halted with sufficient natural antioxidation responses.

As the mother of all antioxidants, high levels of glutathione couldn’t be more pertinent.  Basically, glutathione is comprised of 3 amino acids (glutamate, glycine and cysteine) – with the first two being non-essential.  And, in case you’re curious, “non essential” means the body can make it on its own.

The problem is: as we age, our stores of this powerful antioxidant naturally decline.

Low Glutathione Levels Can Be Linked to Many Chronic Diseases – Including Diabetes

This is not the first study of its kind exploring the relationship between decreasing glutathione levels and chronic disease. It’s not surprising that there are links between the antioxidant and diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, psoriasis, and other autoimmune diseases.

As an antioxidant, there are none more powerful.  Several studies show how glutathione aids in oxidative damage triggered by Autism in children under 13. Due to the crucial role it plays in reducing oxidative stress, it’s titled “the most important antioxidant of the human body”.

Thank goodness, there is something we can do about low levels of this lifesaving antioxidant. For example, drastic measures (when needed) include intravenous injections.  Or, in less severe situations, we can simply add glutathione-boosting supplements to our diet.

Decrease Your Chances of Contracting COVID-19 with NAC Supplementation

The repercussions of low levels of glutathione are more dangerous than ever given the current worldwide situation. You can’t prevent aging but you can slow down the degeneration of life-sustaining aids like glutathione with the right information.

NAC is N-Acetylcysteine, a supplement that aids in the recovery of glutathione stores. When other non-essential amino acids are low, your cysteine levels will plummet. This eliminates a necessary ingredient involved in creating our most important antioxidant.

The fastest way to regenerate our cysteine levels is through NAC supplementation.

But don’t stop there. Eating sulfur-rich foods such as organic nuts, legumes, eggs, broccoli, garlic, and onion will also increase glutathione. Alongside this, both exercise and sufficient sleep will slow down the decline of the antioxidant as you age.

This breaking research has unveiled information that the mainstream media are still failing to report to us.

Bottom line: regular exercise, informed supplementation, and balanced nutrition really are the essential foundations of combating any bacterial or viral infection.

This article has been modified. To read the original article click here.

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