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Preventative Health Must Be a Priority — Keep COVID-19 Risk as Low as Possible

Dr. Don Colbert – As our country continues to re-open, it’s never been more important to keep yourself healthy. It’s important for the coming weeks. And, it’s important for the coming months and years. Why?

You are in control. You can keep your COVID-19 infection risk as low as possible.

We’re finding that almost all the COVID-19 severe cases and deaths involving those younger than 80 were in patients who had pre-existing high-risk conditions. And while this can be scary, the good news is that lifestyle changes for preventative health can significantly reduce pre-existing conditions, and therefore your risk of severe infection and death to viruses like COVID-19.

Here are the ways you can keep your body healthy to keep your COVID-19 infection risk low and thrive in the years to come.

Preventative Health to Keep Your COVID-19 Infection Risk as Low as Possible

1.Quit Smoking
There’s little doubt: Being a smoker significantly increased the risk of severe COVID-19 infection and death in this year’s pandemic. Not only does smoking make the lungs weaker, but it also increases the risk of hypertension, another pre-existing condition correlated with severe infection and death from COVID-19.

2. Lose Weight If Obese
As the pandemic progressed, researchers found that most of those who were young and had severe symptoms had something in common: they were obese.

In fact, obesity among those under 40 years old vastly increased the incidence of serious infections and disease (1).  And of course, obesity increases the risk of hypertension, and hypertension played a huge role as a pre-existing condition.

3. Maintain Healthy Blood Sugars
COVID-19 has placed a spotlight on diabetes and unhealthy blood sugars as a significant risk factor for infection and severe symptoms of a virus. Diabetes was one of the greatest risk factors, and studies have shown that the vast majority of deaths for those under 80 years old were in people with diabetes or high blood sugars in the hospital.

4. Get Outside as Much as Possible
Especially as the days get warmer and we can enjoy more direct sunlight, get outside. This virus, like most viruses, spreads easiest in colder weather, out of sunlight, and when we are confined with others.

What’s more, vitamin D may play a protective role against COVID-19, and the virus cannot survive as long when in UV rays.

Need another reason? Getting outside into sunlight early in the day improves melatonin levels and sleep, which can boost your immune system and reduce the risk of severe symptoms.

Social distance, and get outside every day.

5. Prioritize Your Immune System
There are many ways to prioritize and support your immune system each day. These include:

You can do so many things to prioritize your immune system for year-round health and in case of a pandemic. Don’t miss your opportunity now. Use these habits to boost your immune system each day.

How Keto Zone Can Help

We’ve got great news.

Keto Zone can help you accomplish the tips above. The Keto Zone diet is an efficient and effective way to start losing weight. As you lose weight and enter ketosis, you will maintain healthy blood sugars, lose weight and abdominal fat for an automatic improvement in health, and reduce high blood pressure while increasing immune-boosting foods!

How to Start the Keto Zone for Free

If you are interested in learning how to keep your risk as low as possible with this lifestyle change and weight loss, you can start by joining our FREE Keto Zone 21-Day-Challenge. If you want even more, check out the Keto Zone Starter Kit including Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet Book.

Bottom Line

Your preventative health must be a priority to keep COVID-19 infection risk as low as possible moving forward. We are here to help with Keto Zone. You can start for free today!

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