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NEW VIDEO: Beat Cancer By Balancing Your Autonomic Nervous System

Edit Lang via NaturalHealth365 – For the past eighteen months, an invisible virus – COVID-19 – has gotten all the spotlight.  It is as if the top chronic diseases that claim the most lives in America – including heart disease and cancer – were put on the back burner.  But tragically, one in six people dies from cancer each year, with one in three developing the disease in their lifetime.

Upon diagnosis, most people are told the only way to “fight” cancer is by using some combination of Western medicine’s invasive or toxic cancer treatment modalities – chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  However, no one tells these newly diagnosed patients that conventional cancer treatments may be more deadly than the disease itself.  Few are aware that one of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation is the formation of new cancers!

Thankfully, there are alternatives to the all-allopathic route.  In a captivating new video, Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365 interviews Mary Beth Gonzalez, wife of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, offering hope to everyone battling cancer and anyone wanting to prevent it.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez: Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System Can Help Fight Off Cancer

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a classically trained immunologist.  Many years ago, when he worked at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the research lab as a medical student, he learned about the pioneering work of Dr. William Donald Kelly.  He was so inspired by what he saw that he dedicated years of his life researching how Dr. Kelly’s tailored and unique nutritional program can balance one’s autonomic nervous system to fight off disease. (Listen carefully to the video below to learn more.)

Restore Your Autonomic Balance With the Foods You Eat

Science has long established that the autonomic nervous system runs our bodies with its two branches, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  Dr. Gonzalez believed that we could affect the autonomic balance for better or worse with the foods we eat.

As a result, our food choices profoundly impact whether we develop the diseases people fear the most, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  And for anyone wanting to heal from severe chronic diseases, it is crucial to follow the right diet.  The tricky part is knowing which diet is the best one for you.

Dr. Gonzalez did not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to diet and nutrition and a single best way of eating to help people heal from cancer. Instead, his protocol includes a tailored diet plan that is specific to each patient’s needs.

Discover the Gonzalez Roadmap to Wellness and Help Your Body Heal

Dr. Gonzalez developed two different paths to wellness to help his patients heal.  The first one, the Gonzalez Metabolic Type Test – which patients can take online – focuses on nourishing the body with the right foods to heal itself.  The protocol empowers patients to take charge of their health instead of relying on doctors to “fix” their problems.

The purpose of this online test is to provide a roadmap by identifying patients’ metabolic types to help them get started on their healing journey.  The second path to wellness, Gonzalez Guardians, is for those who experience symptoms that require a doctor’s care.

Regardless of where you are on your healing journey, it is critical to do your research and have an open mind.  Conventional treatment modalities are by far not the only way to restore your health.  Giving your body the fuel it needs may just speed up your healing.

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