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10 Best Healthy Recipes of 2020 – Keep It Going in 2021!

Dr. Don Colbert – Although 2020 was a tough year, there was a silver lining in one area of nutrition. Many people started cooking more homemade foods rather than going out or buying convenience foods. When it comes to health and a healthy weight, this is a big win. This habit is a great goal for 2021 as well! (Although, it’s definitely fun to go out every once in a while.)

Here are the 10 best healthy recipes from 2020 on this site. The first 7 are in no particular order. Then, the top 3 are revealed at the bottom. Enjoy these recipes in the new year as well. And, don’t forget to check out your opportunity to win a copy of the new book: Gut Zone by Dr. Colbert!

10 Best Healthy Recipes of 2020 – Dr.


If you need an easy, quick, weeknight meal, look no further than this Easy Autumn Keto Pan Sheet Dinner. The flavors of onions and sausage are signature Autumn flavors, but it’s great any time of year. You can prepare it in just a few minutes, and do something else while it cooks. It’s delicious.


Onions are great, healthy, high-phytochemical vegetables. They get a delicious makeover with this keto version of onion rings. Just like traditional onion rings, these are fantastic alongside a burger or other dish. Additionally, onions support heart health, healthy blood sugars, digestive health, and bone health (1)!


Whose skin couldn’t use a little collagen refresh right now? These delicious fat bomb desserts are easy to make, combine chocolate and caramel, and are great for your health. Divine Health’s Hydrolyzed Collagen supports joint, skin, and digestive health. Amazingly, they contain only 1 gram net carb per square!


Just because you’re in the Keto Zone doesn’t mean you’re stuck with only water to drink. Give yourself a treat and make this Lemon Berry Spritzer in 2021! This delicious beverage combines sparkling water, lemon juice and berries. Together, they support healthy skin, provide fiber, hydrate, and encourage whole-body health.


It’s always a good idea to have a few great keto pizza crusts at your disposal. This one was a hit! Zucchinis are an amazingly healthy vegetable that can be used in many ways in the Keto Zone diet. You can use them from stick noodles, lasagna noodles, and now pizza crust!


Barbeque sauce can make almost anything taste better, but there’s a drawback. Traditional barbeque sauce is loaded with sugar! The next time you need some, make this favorite keto barbeque sauce instead. Then, add it to your burgers, chicken, zucchini fries, or keto onion rings!


This pecan pie cheesecake is simply too good to resist. Thankfully, you don’t have to even try to resist it, because unlike traditional cheesecakes it nourishes you with healthy ingredients like pecans, almonds, and cinnamon. It only contains 4 grams of net carbs per serving! It does take a bit of time to prepare, so make sure you set aside the time. Then enjoy the best keto dessert of 2020!

3 Best Healthy Recipes on for 2020


Did you know cucumbers contain antioxidants that are specifically good for artery health? They are also great to reduce bloating (they are a natural, gentle diuretic) and promote digestive health. This recipe is full of cucumber nourishment and a delicious flavor. It’s perfect in place of a salad, and especially when the weather warms up.


This green basil smoothie is loaded with energizing ingredients: basil, lemon, blueberries, Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder, and  Divine Health Fermented Green Supremefood®! Drink this for breakfast and lunch for long-lasting delicious daytime energy!


In 2020, we started the New Year with a delicious, ultra-nourishing Keto Zone Oyster Stew. While you might realize that oyster stew is traditional New Year’s food, did you know that oysters offer many health benefits? They are a low-carb heart-healthy, brain-healthy food. They contain crucial minerals (like copper, zinc, selenium, and iron), B-Vitamins, Vitamin D, and an amazing unique antioxidant called 3,5-Dihydroxy-4-methoxybenzyl alcohol (DHMBA). In studies, DHMBA has been found to be 15 times per powerful at quenching free radicals than synthetic Vitamin E (2).

What About You? What Are Your Best Healthy Recipes & Keto Zone Tips

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Bottom Line

These amazing recipes are a great kick-off for the New Year. We will continue to bring delicious, healthy, low-carb, high-nutrition recipes in 2021!

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