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Insanity Exposed: One Business Owner’s Approach to the Pandemic & His Results May Shock You

Edit Lang via NaturalHealth365 – In a video titled Insanity Exposed, Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365 interviewed Alfie Oakes, the Founder and CEO of Oakes Farms.

Alfie, the owner of the number one grocery store in Southwest Florida, took a “different approach” toward dealing with the issues surrounding our current pandemic.  Simply put, he decided not to require face masks or social distancing in his popular food stores in Florida.  And, after over a year of having this policy, most people will be shocked to discover the results generated. (Watch the video below for details.)

In addition, he talks about why he thinks the focus should be on teaching people how to strengthen their immune system – instead of relying on toxic (never before used) medical “solutions.”  The fact that too many people still remain uninformed about how to maintain good health is tragic, to say the least.

Enjoy the conversation below:

Alfie believes what you put in your body every day makes a difference in how well your body can fight off foreign invaders.  And, it turns out, Alfie makes some really good points.  There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that by eating a healthy diet, we can greatly support a strong immune system.

A brand new study published in the peer-reviewed journal of Nutrients confirms the connection between diet and immune health by stating that poor dietary status is “associated with inflammation and oxidative stress, which in turn can impact the immune system.”

Numerous other studies have also reinforced that the state of our immune system determines how likely we are to feel well or not.  Yet, we hear nothing about how to improve our diet from these so-called “public health experts.”

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