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Immunity Hacks: How to Make Your Body More Resilient to Viruses

Rhonda Cowan, staff writer via NaturalHealth365 – Although none of us can completely avoid environmental toxins, we can greatly influence how many toxins get inside our homes and body by making simple changes to our lifestyle.  This is what I mean by “hacking” the immune system.  We simply stop the practice of putting toxins in (and on) the body and focus our attention on detoxification – the idea of removing toxins already inside our body, home and workplace.

(NaturalHealth365) Simply put, this is our best defense against COVID-19 or any other infection for that matter.  And, to be blunt, the information shared in this article will never be featured within mainstream media outlets.

If you focus on doing a much-needed chemical detox of your home, diet, and personal care routine – which means eliminating synthetic perfumes, scented body washes or anything with an artificial fragrance – you’ll avoid unnecessary stress of the immune system.  Then, your immune system will have sufficient energy to protect you from viruses or other life-threatening substances.

How Can You Beat COVID-19 Without a Strong Immune System?

Every time a dangerous chemical enters your body, such as aspartame or fumes from oven cleaner, your body goes into high alert.  I call this “Danger, Will Robinson!” mode.

Then it mobilizes all your T cells and NK fighter cells and sends them out to fight the enemy.  If we’ve got toxins coming in all day, you can see our armies of immune cells will be too busy or exhausted to fight yet another battle – like that of COVID-19, as an example.

So, try these three science-backed “immunity hacks” that can help you to stop the constant demand on your immune system the typical American lifestyle places upon it, so your body can protect you from dis-ease.

1. Avoid Toxic Triggers Inside Your Home
Now’s the time to think about how you can make your home a haven in every way possible. What you want is a home free from the kind of pollutants outside that place so many demands on our immune systems. So, make your home a place with as few toxins coming in as possible by making sure, first and foremost your air and water are as clean as you can get them.

In terms of your water supply, you must use high quality water purification system.  For many years, we – at NaturalHealth365 – have suggested the use of a Berkey (which does not rely on electricity).  but, Aquatru is another good choice.  Plus, as a great source of spring water, Jonathan Landsman has often referred to his personal favorite, Tourmaline Spring.

Remember, this is your first line of defense against lead and other heavy metals from underground, old water pipes.  You’ll also want to filter your shower water as well.  Berkey does offer that … but, supplies are limited.

Just for your information: According to recent research, shower steam is one of the most toxic vapors that most of us breathe in on a regular basis, and it can do major respiratory damage and harm to the body at a cellular level. Vitamin C or charcoal filters (most run under $5 apiece) for your shower heads will ensure that your shower steam is pure and healthy.

And last, but certainly not least, get a HEPA air filtration system for your home. HEPA filters will pull allergens out of the air like pollen, pet dander, smoke, dust mites, and mold spores. When we stop exhausting our immune systems, they can do a better job of protecting us from illness and disease. It’s that simple.

2. Don’t Overlook the Value of Kindness and Affection to Reduce Stress
Talk to any qualified healthcare provider and they will tell you: ‘chronic stress greatly increases your risk of disease.’

Researchers have recently been studying a hormone called oxytocin. It turns out that when you do something nice for someone, give or receive a sincere hug full of love, or play with puppies or whatever your snuggly animal of choice is, you release a chemical called oxytocin.

Oxytocin floods the body with feel-good hormones.  What scientists have found is that oxytocin has very protective effects on the cardiovascular system, especially the heart, during times of stress.

In addition, oxytocin helps the heart to heal and regenerate from stress-induced damage. So, even though we’re practicing social distancing, it never hurts to call the ones we care about and tell them they are special-that they really mean something to us!

3. Eliminate Simple (Processed) Sugars from Your Life and Increase Your Intake of Colorful (Organic) Produce
Studies have proven that sugar consumption actually suppresses the immune system.

As Ullah et. al. notes, “Sugar has direct and severe effects on immune system” reducing the reactivity of your white blood cells by 40%.  Instead of sweets, reach for more rainbow-hued fruits and veggies.

The bright color in fruits and vegetables comes from phytonutrients, these antioxidant-rich compounds help us combat disease, infection, viruses, and bacterial invaders!

Ultimately, we can never (completely) eliminate all the threats within our environment.  No doubt, we’ll always be dealing with issues like pollution, pesticides and “novel” viruses like, COVID-19.  But, the more important thing to focus on will always be: what we can do to make ourselves stronger, healthier and happier?

Avoiding chronic stress is just as important to our immune system as the food we eat or the supplements that we take.  Eat well, stay physically active, well hydrated and keep a positive attitude – no matter what the world is like outside.

This article has been modified. To read the original article click here.

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