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Fight Coronavirus With Fasting?

Lorie Johnson via CBN News – Doctors tell us older people carry a greater risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19 largely because as we age our body’s natural ability to fight disease weakens.  Similarly, even younger people with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of complications from coronavirus. 

Neurologist and best-selling author Dr. David Perlmutter says since it looks like COVID-19 is going continue to threaten our health in the months, perhaps even years ahead, we should take steps now to boost our immune system and therefore improve our chance of survival if we become infected.

In his book Brain Maker, Perlmutter describes the benefits of eating a probiotic-rich diet to strengthen the gut microbiome because most of the immune system resides in the intestinal tract.

In addition to improving our gut health, he also recommends the immune-boosting practice of fasting.  That’s because going without food altogether for certain periods of time triggers autophagy, which is the body’s way of repairing damaged cells that can cause sickness, making way for newer, healthier ones.   This cellular rejuvenation aids in fighting infections like COVID-19 as well as preventing other life-threatening illnesses including Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer.

Dr. Perlmutter recognizes many people are intimidated by the idea of fasting because they are afraid of being hungry or confused about how to go about fasting.

That’s why he’s kicking off a week-long Summer Fasting Challenge beginning Sunday, July 5th.

“Enjoy that summer barbeque to celebrate July 4th, then the next day join us to celebrate the miracle that is your body,” he said.

The Sumer Fasting Challenge is a free, 7-day group fast that will begin with a 24-hour fast, followed by five days of time-restricted eating.  Each day Dr. Perlmutter will join participants online with daily check-ins and support to include photos and stories of those taking part in the challenge.  Perlmutter believes the psychological benefit of fasting alongside others, even virtually, improves the chances of success and the likelihood people will continue fasting on their own even after the challenge is over.

Dr. Perlmutter will discuss the health benefits of fasting with Pat Robertson on The 700 Club, Wednesday, July 8th.

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