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Toxic PFAS detected: Band-Aid and other brands under scrutiny

Patrick Tims via NaturalHealth365 – Prepare for an eye-opening insight into the world of first aid. The very bandages we depend on to heal wounds may harbor a concerning (toxic) secret.

Recent investigations have brought Band-Aid and other leading brands under scrutiny, revealing the presence of toxic PFAS chemicals.

PFAS, known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, have been used for decades in commercial products for their stain-resistant, oil-resistant, grease-resistant, and water-resistant properties. These synthetic compounds, which have been present in consumer products since the 1950s, raise significant questions about potential health implications.

PFAS are in more than two dozen commonly used bandages

The bandage analysis was conducted at a lab certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to the findings, 26 out of 40 tested bandages showed organic fluorine levels above 10 parts per million (ppm).

Furthermore, among bandages marketed for black and brown skin tones, 63% exhibited traces of PFAS “forever chemicals,” with 10 out of 16 tested bandages surpassing the 10 ppm threshold. The detected ranges of organic fluorine, serving as an indicator for PFAS, varied from 11 ppm to 328 ppm.

Bandages containing PFAS are problematic because they are placed on top of open wounds, which allows for direct entry into the bloodstream. However, bandage makers have not taken steps to remove PFAS from bandages in response to calls for materials without PFAS.

Organic fluorine is a threat to the body’s immune system

The presence of organic fluorine in the referenced bandages signals the existence of “forever chemicals,” scientifically proven to diminish immune system function and impair cognitive abilities. Furthermore, these chemicals disrupt the body’s endocrine system, leading to unhealthy hormonal responses, and are linked to reduced fertility and increased cancer risk.

Researchers from North Carolina State University’s Center for Environmental & Health Effects of PFAS highlight fluoropolymers as a common type of PFAS contributing to bandage toxicity. PFAS can also be found in other consumer products such as dental floss, fast food packaging, deodorant, and contact lenses.

Notably, 3M, the manufacturer of Sticky Notes, has announced plans to discontinue the use of PFAS in its products by the end of next year.

Scientists are not completely clear as to whether topical exposure to PFAS is at the same risk level as other forms of exposure. However, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has determined topical PFAS exposure is as dangerous as ingestion through water or food.

According to Mamavation, PFAS have been found in popular bandages such as the aforementioned Band-Aid and those made by CVS Health and Equate. However, there are some bandages on the market, including those made by Tru Colour and 3M, that do not contain organic fluorine.

Of the 18 brands analyzed, 65% contained harmful chemicals.

Aside from the aforementioned Band-Aid brand bandages, the following brands’ bandages also contain organic fluorine:

  • Equate
  • First Honey Manuka
  • CVS Health
  • Care Science
  • Curad Assorted
  • Rite Aid First
  • UP & UP
  • Solimo (Amazon)

    Bypass the bandage brands listed above in favor of safer and healthier brands, including:

  • Dry See Thin
  • Dealmed Flexible
  • Browndages
  • Rite Aid Smart-Flex Sterile bandages

    Each of these safer bandages has fewer than 100 ppm of organic fluorine, meaning they pose minimal threat to human health. The cream of the crop with zero organic fluorine includes 3M Micropore, FEBU organic bamboo, Tru Colour, Trutone, Welly, and Patch Bamboo.

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