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Dr. Don Colbert Reveals Health Tips for Preventing Alzheimer’s

CBN News – Many American families have been touched by the pain of Alzheimer’s disease, and some may be concerned about getting it ourselves as we age.  

But the good news is scientific studies over the last few decades have led to the discovery of dozens of lifestyle choices that can contribute to Alzheimer’s.

On this week’s episode of “Healthy Living” on the CBN News Channel, Dr. Don Colbert discusses some of the health choices we can make to help prevent brain diseases, like choosing more plant-based foods, lowering our intake of unhealthy fats, engaging in intermittent fasting, and tackling homocysteine levels.

Dr. Colbert shared practical lifestyle moves you can make to limit your chances of getting Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other cognitive decline. You can check those out on Healthy Living with Lorie Johnson, which is available on the CBN News app.

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