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Less Stress & Better Health for Dads (Without Adding Work!)

Dr. Don Colbert – For many people, supplements are a necessary addition to a healthy diet.

This Father’s Day, you are likely thinking of your dad. Your love for him. Your hope that he is healthy and happy.

You may even want to encourage less stress and better health for dads.

Sure, you could encourage the dads in your life to “get healthy.” You could suggest adding a ton of new activities in order to improve their lives.

They could add hours of exercise, new meals and recipes, and more (these are all great!).

However, if they are like most men, they are likely already doing a lot. They are busy, often stressed, and tired.

But, what if you encouraged simple ideas and products that add to his health without adding work? Here are easy additions that support the best health for dads from head to toe…no extra work necessary.

Less Stress and the Best Health for Dads (without Adding Work)

To start, there’s one nutrition compound that can encourage the best health for dads from head to toe, all by itself. Any idea which one it is?

It’s krill oil!

Krill is a superior source of omega-3 fats that fights inflammation throughout the body. Like other omega-3 sources, krill oil can raise blood levels of healthy fats like DHA and EPA (1). When these increase in your blood, inflammatory markers decrease.

But, what makes krill oil different is its superior absorption and natural antioxidants.

First, krill oil is optimally absorbed during digestion and quickly affects both blood and brain levels of omega-3 fats (2).

Next, krill oil naturally contains a healthful antioxidant called astaxanthin. Astaxanthin serves to both protect the krill oil itself (improving digestion and absorption) and encourage reduced oxidative stress in the body (3).

Once absorbed, krill oil supports better health for dad in the following areas.

Better Health for Dad through Krill Oil

  • Triglycerides and Heart Inflammation: If you want to support dad’s heart health and inflammatory factors, krill oil is a great place to start. One meta-analysis looked at the effects of krill oil on circulating fats in the blood. The researchers found that krill oil supplementation was associated with significantly lowered triglyceride levels. In addition, it encouraged healthy changes in LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol (4).
  • Digestive Inflammation & Health: In studies, it’s been found that krill oil supports reduced gut inflammation by regulating a broad spectrum of inflammatory signaling pathways. In addition, krill oil promotes a healthier gut environment by fighting microbes that damage mucosa, and reduces inflammation markers (5).
  • Weight Related Inflammation: Elevated weight negatively affects tissues and organs in a dad’s body. Inflammation is often elevated. Long-term krill oil supplementation has been shown to increase anti-inflammatory markers in the liver, support metabolism and fat breakdown, and improve tissue health and inflammation (6).
  • Bone and Joint Inflammation: Joint pain and stiffness is a problem for many adults. There is increasing evidence that it is affected by dietary fat intake. Studies have investigated the effects of dietary fats, including dietary omega-6 to omega-3 ratios, on joint health in humans and animals. Results reveal that a better omega-3 to omega-6 ratio from krill oil can significantly improve the cartilage structure and reduce losses. Further, this diet change can reduce inflammatory markers. What’s more, krill oil has specifically been shown to be more effective than plant-derived omega-3s in these studies (7).
  • Neuroinflammation: Most neurodegenerative conditions demonstrate on-going inflammatory processes. Krill oil and marine-derived omega-3s have been studied for anti-inflammatory effects both systemically and in the brain specifically. Krill oil has been reported to encourage spatial memory and learning, attenuate memory loss, protect the brain, reduce inflammation markers, and reduce depression symptoms. For more on krill oil and brain health, click here (8).

  • The best krill oil on the market is available right here! Keto Zone Living Krill Oil supports health in all the above ways. Get some for dad today!

    4 More Steps for Less Stress & Best Health for Dad (without Adding Work)

    1. Dads Need to De-Stress

    It can take years to learn stress management. Or, dads can begin to fight stress today using an all-natural plant based product designed by Dr. Colbert. Hemp oil, specifically nano-particle oils like those in Dr. Colbert’s Nano-Science Hemp Oil, promotes health throughout the body’s systems.

    It is a broad-spectrum hemp oil that is organically grown, vegan, and GMO-free. In terms of health, it have been shown to:

    • Support healthy, stable moods (9)
    • Promote stress relief and normalized cortisol levels
    • Support comfortable, healthy joints (10)
    • Encourage healthy sleep habits (11)
    • Promote healthy skin with fewer irregularities and blemishes (12)
    • Support healthy brain and nervous system functions (13)
    • Encourage healthy cardiovascular functions and normalized inflammatory actions (14)

    No extra work for dad. Just better health and less stress in one simple step.

    2. Dads Need More Sleep

    We know, dads are busy. But, they can combat daily stress and improve mental health with one habit: more, or adequate, sleep. Dads should aim for at least 7-9 hours of good-quality sleep each night.

    While adequate sleep is not always easy to get, it’s a critical health habit. The alternative, lack of sleep, can impair melatonin levels and cortisol, increase the risk of metabolic issues and weight gain, and generally deteriorate well-being. What’s more, high cortisol levels and stress can be caused by poor sleep or inadequate sleep (15).

    Dads don’t need more work, they need more sleep!

    3. Dads Could Use a Big Drink of Water

    Another cause of unhealth, overwhelm and stress? Believe it or not, dehydration is linked to increased saliva and blood cortisol. Amazingly, multiple studies have found that dehydrated athletes have more circulating cortisol than hydrated ones (16).

    Of course, water is a great choice for hydration. Dads can take it a step further and drink cortisol-reducing black and/or green tea. Tea is a health-promoting drink that you can use as a tool to combat stress daily. In studies, tea consumers reported a higher “sense of relaxation,” lower blood platelet activation, better heart health indicators, brain health, oral health, and a fiery metabolism (17).

    Want even more nutrition and more flavor? Add lemons, cucumbers, or Organic Fermented Green Supremefood®. Hydration is a great healthy habit for dads!

    4. Prayer for and by Dads

    Want full-body health: mind, soul, and body? Look no further than prayer.

    No matter what dads are facing, the practice of daily gratitude and prayer can change everything. In fact, practicing gratitude has been proven to support decreased cortisol and stress levels.

    Moreover, prayer is a wonderful gift for spiritual health. Prayer is thought to increase the secretion of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine. These compounds decrease cortisol while promoting relaxation, focus, and motivation.

    What’s more, you can pray for Dads! Pray for their spiritual, mental, emotional physical strength as they face each day. Prayer is powerful for the one praying, and the one prayed for.

    Bottom Line

    It’s time for better health for dads! We’ve provided easy, no-work habits that can significantly improve health from head to toe. They target stress levels, heart health, bone health, brain health, and more. Encourage the dads in your life to take care of themselves with less, not more, work!

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