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Improve Your Gut Health by Eating Just One of THIS Fruit a Day

Joy Jensen via NaturalHealth365 – Over the past few years, we’ve continually learned more about the exciting health benefits of avocados.  Studies conducted on this fruit have found that they’re useful for regulating LDL cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart disease.  Additional research shows that they help support immune function, may curb appetite, lower blood pressure, support healthy skin, and even help prevent certain types of cancer.

The authors of a new study decided to investigate a different side of avocados, delving into their effects on the digestive system.  Findings published in the Journal of Nutrition show that eating an avocado a day improves overall gut health drastically.

12-weeks Study Shows POWERFUL Benefits to Gut Health

Study authors wanted to go beyond the obvious benefits of consuming avocados, like their ability to reduce cholesterol and make you feel full to focus on how they influence the gut.  The study involved 163 people between 25 and 45 years of age who were overweight or obese but otherwise in good health.

Broken into two groups, over 12 weeks, one group of people added an avocado to one meal a day.  The second group of participants ate similar meals but did not have an avocado.  Throughout the study period, all members provided fecal, urine, and blood samples and reported how much of their meals were eaten each day.

At the end of the study, researchers discovered that the group eating an avocado daily resulted in more healthful microbes found in the intestines and stomach.  Along with their ability to increase the healthy microbes in the gut, study authors also noted that avocados’ high fiber content makes them excellent for digestive health, too.  Researchers noticed that, interestingly, the avocado group also excreted more fat in their stools, suggesting that they may not have absorbed as much energy from the foods they ate.

Ready to Add an Avocado to Your Daily Diet? Here Are Some Simple Ways to Enjoy This INCREDIBLE Fruit

Avocados are a mild fruit that’s easy to incorporate into both savory or sweet dishes.  They’re a great addition to your favorite salads, can be added to sauces, and taste delicious stuffed with an egg and other ingredients.  Of course, avocado toast is a favorite option for many avocado lovers, and they’re even delicious in smoothies along with protein powder and your favorite fruits.

For those who aren’t fans of avocados, it’s possible to get probiotic nutrients in other ways.  Eating yogurt is a popular way to get more good bacteria into your gut.  Consuming more vegetables high in fiber like lentils, artichokes, broccoli, and chickpeas also benefit gut health.  Chickpeas, in particular, contain a fermentable fiber that promotes gut health, and they are known for fighting heart disease and curbing the appetite, too.

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